The Rosario's Mural - INTI

Chilean-born artist INTI painted the 24×69-foot mural that covers the restaurant’s back wall facing South Presa Street in just two weeks (Sep. 29-Oct. 10, 2022)! As one of the most recognized graffiti and street artists in the world, INTI has painted over 100 murals in 20 countries. He is known for his large-scale murals which exceed 140-160 vertical feet and reflect the colors, energy and passion of his Latino heritage. San Antonio is the first city in Texas to feature INTI’s work.

INTI selected youth as the subject of the Rosario’s mural to capture and share owner Lisa Wong’s story. The mural reflects her rich family history (Chinese & Mexican heritage), values and dreams for future generations. The children in the mural are not based on real people but rather are symbolic of the future.

“The Rosario’s mural features two children bathed in gold against a Mexican folk-art motif of heart-shaped cactuses with budding flowers and intertwining vines with a solitary skull. The work is inspired by Wong’s family history and multicultural roots,” writes San Antonio Express-News arts writer Rene Guzman.

Lisa describes the mural’s symbolism as “thoughtful, looking beyond, dreaming of the possibilities.”

To add some creative touches to Rosario’s new space, owner Lisa Wong commissioned several local artists. Andy Benavides served as an art/designer consultant on various design projects. Carlos Cortes created functional outdoor sculptural pieces and Eva Marengo Sanchez painted an interior painting. These are just a few of the original works of art planned for the new location.

Andy Benavides

Andy Benavides is a local contemporary artist, designer, entrepreneur, community leader and arts educator. Andy has travelled and studied internationally and brought this knowledge and experience to his clients in San Antonio. He has consulted with Lisa Wong on numerous design projects, including the Rosario’s mural. His recent public work also includes consulting for the San Pedro Culture Park.

Carlos Cortes

Carlos Cortes is a third generation “faux bois” concrete artisan carrying on a family tradition that has its Texas roots in San Antonio, circa 1924. Carlos’ great-uncle Dionisio Rodriguez brought this European form of sculpting to the U.S. from Mexico City and taught it to Carlos’ father, Maximo Cortes. Carlos designs and builds unique “faux bois” concrete sculptures that fit the smaller garden setting or larger public art installations for the urban landscape. His artwork can be seen all over San Antonio and Texas. Among one of his famous clients is Martha Stewart.

Eva Marengo Sanchez

Eva Marengo Sanchez was born on the southeast side of San Antonio where she currently resides and works as a painter and muralist. Her art focuses on San Antonio Tex-Mex culture. In 2017, she began a series of still lifes and food-related paintings to reflect her cultural identity connecting food to place; she continues to explore and expand on her ideas and technique.